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qabil   aptc. Gram: G accusing. qabil had mn habrẖ One confronts his partner. qablit bmat anašia uagaiia ḏšapir la dakrit In town, you confront the people and the leaders, whom you do not mention fairly.

qabil   pfv. Gram: D accepted. qabil had mn habrẖ uamarlẖ One accepted from his partner, and said.

qabur   nm. coil.of.rope.

qadim   pfv. Gram: D; Often used inchoatively as an adverb be.early.1s: qadmit. ana qadmit beuhra I start on my way early.

qadmai   adj. first. qadmaiia atin hauin mn abatrak The principals will come to be behind you.

qahid   aptc. Gram: G crying.out. qahda ubakia bimrar kḏ mahia nunia ulamaškia They cry out and weep with bitterness when they strike at the fish but do not catch it.

qahma   nm. flour. tum qahma utumria laitit On top of that, you haven't brought any flour or dates!

qaiim   aptc. Gram: G standing. akandit qaimia ṣaidia bgauaiia dilun lastamar ḏqaimia ṣaidia umithašbia While the fishers were still standing in their blinds, they did not take heed that other fishers were starting to hatch plots. laqaimia ulihia ṣabia upalta biardna They will not stay and dip their nets and spear in the Jordan. lašabqia ulaqaimia bripia They will neither leave nor stay on dry land. el mhara qaiim ṣaida udariš drašia šania On the prow stands the fisher, teaching subline doctrines. hazilẖ ṣaidia šahmia ubahtia uqaimia el duktaihun Seeing him, the fishermen blush and become ashamed, and stand in their places. etbẖ sukana uqaiim bgauẖ usqiria It has a rudder and standing within it is a sailyard. qaiminin umizdahrinin bkulhun ḏšumak dilak dakria We shall stand by and take care of all who mention your name.

qain   nm. reed. raipilun bqaina umdalilun They tie them to a pole and hoist them up. qaina naqiš uazla ununia ḏamamia šakib el ṣaidia raṭnia The pole strikes and splatters, and the fish of the sea land upon the muttering fishermen.

qal   nm. sound. qala ḏarbai lamištma The sound of my vessel is not heard. qal ṣaidia uqal tangarun ḏmganin ahdadia ulaiṭia The sound of fishers and the sound of their traders who reproach one another and curse. eqria bagma qala ueiatra lnunia I will make a sound in the marsh and awaken the fish. ṣaidia ḏšimuia lqala libaiun npal mn samkẖ As for the fishers who heard the sound, their legs turned to jelly (lit. their hearts fell from its support). lgauaiak azil aminṭul ḏqala ḏṣaida Head out to your blind for the sound of a fisherman. laqalẖ damia lṣaida ulasqubrẖ lsqubran Neither does his voice resemble a fisher's, nor does his whistle resemble our whistle. malil uṣnapbẖ bqalẖ He spoke, shrieking at the top of his voice. malil bqalẖ šania He spoke with his sublime voice. qala ḏṣaida dakia ḏqaria umapriš bhauria lnunia iamamia It is the voice of the pure fisherman that summons the fish of the seas and instructs them in the marshes. kḏ hazin amar ṣaida zahrinun lkulhun ṣaidia ḏšimuia lqalẖ As the fisher said this, he admonished all the fishers who heard his voice. haka huit ṣaida ḏlašamana lqalak bagma ularbak damia larban Where were you, o fisher whose voice we have not heard in the marsh, and whose vessel does not resemble our vessels?

qalmia   nm. reeds. uailẖ labukun sirma ḏmarbihtẖ bqalmia hauia Woe to your father the heron, whose lair is in the reeds.

qam   pfv. Gram: G rose.3s: qam.

qam   prep. before. aqamai qaiim hibil Before me is standing Hibil.

qapaiia   nm. water.lettuce. Lit: swimmers. Note: Only attested in plural; seems to mean loose leaves (as in sheets of paper or weeds). Likely indicates water lettuce: "This floating plant commonly forms large infestations which prevent boating, fishing and other uses of lakes and rivers. Water lettuce occurs in lakes, rivers and canals, occasionally forming large dense mats. As its name implies, water lettuce resembles a floating open head of lettuce. Water lettuce has very thick leaves. The leaves are light dull green, are hairy, and are ridged. There are no leaf stalks. Water lettuce roots are light-colored and feathery. Its flowers are inconspicuous." Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants, University of Florida, IFAS (2010/12/4). Pistia stratiotes. ana šanitinun lqapaiia ḏeuhra ḏhiia sakria I cleared out the water lettuce that was blocking the way of life.

qaria   aptc. Gram: G calling. ṣaida ana ania ḏqarilun umkaniplun umasbarlun I am a fisher attending to those whom he summons, gathers together, and gives hope. qarilun uamarlun ḏatin aluatai kanpia He summons them and tells them to 'come and gather by my side.'. qarilun lnunia iama uamarlun He summons the fish of the sea and tells them, qala ḏṣaida dakia ḏqaria umapriš bhauria lnunia iamamia It is the voice of the pure fisherman that summons the fish of the seas and instructs them in the marshes.

qarib   aptc. Gram: G approach. laqarbia lekilta ḏṣiṣia ulanqia blihia ḏagma They will neither approach a "meal" of unripe dates nor the "necklaces" of marsh nets.

qina   nf. nest. Note: From Akk. qinnu. By extension it can also mean "family" or "brood." It would appear to be masculine in the plural. qainia dilan ḏagman ḏraṭnia hdadia utabria etbun palta ḏrugza The families of our marsh are the type that conspire and fragment.

qipia   nm. water.surface. ṭaibilun mn qipia uabihdia klila kalia They will sink under the surface and be restrained with the circlet. lašaplia mn qipia mia uel baznaqita ḏzipa lazlin They will not descend from the surface of the water and go into the deceptive weir,

qira   nm. pitch. mia bqira larbia Water does not mix with pitch. mia bqira larbia unhura bhšuka lamitimnia Water will not mix with pitch, and light will not be counted with darkness.

qla   pfv. Gram: G-stem burnt. qlaitẖ el lihun kulẖ ulgupta ḏlihia gaṭra I burnt their entire dragnet, and the snare? that ties dragnets together.

qpa   pfv. Gram: G floated. ṣaidia qpun bhauria umsabṭia kḏ aburia ulasalqia The fishers floated on the marshes, gathering together like reed mats (or perhaps mice), and not getting up.

qra   pfv. Gram: G Anth: Also has the meaning of calling, calling into being, creating, and casting a spell. read.1s: qrit. 1s: qraitẖ.

qram   pfv. Gram: G cover.1s: qramtẖ. ana qramtẖ lsqupana I covered the squpana.

qria   ipfv. Gram: G call. eqria bagma qala ueiatra lnunia I will make a sound in the marsh and awaken the fish.

qudam   prep. before. anin apinin uhabṣinin umatinin lqudamak We will bake and make honey cakes, and bring them before you. atun mn qudamai ṣaidia ṣhania ṣaidia abdia samania Come before me, shameful fishermen, poison-making fishermen. ahai ṣaidia ubnai ṣaidia ezal mn qudamai My fishermen brethren and fishermen sons, get out of my sight!

qulp   nm. mace. mgaštinun bqulpa ḏparzla I struck them with an iron mace.

qum   ipfv. Gram: G stand. eu tizdahrulia ahai equm ehuilkun bahid eda ahid eda usimaka mn atar hšuk If you take care for my sake, my brethren, I will undertake to be a helper for you, a helper and support from the place of darkness to the place of light. qum šatip Come on, join us!

qupr   nm. pitch. lamqaira arbak bqupra uladamit el ṣaidia ḏalma Your vessel is not waterproofed with pitch, and you do not resemble the fishermen of this world.

quraha   nm. cap. etriṣlia qudaha brišai A cover was set on my prow.

qus   adj. little.

nm. spider.crab? Elamenopsis kempi. Note: The hymenosomatid Elamenopsis kempi exists in the same region as the Mesopotamian catfish. aklilẖ lgirita ulqusa ḏzaqip bedẖ ṣaidilẖ They will eat the catfish and catch the spider crab that gets up on its hands.

q-y-m   vi. to stand, rise, be erect; to stand by, be faithful to, aid, assist, abide by, rally to; to rise against, go counter to; to understand; often as an inchoative verb: to begin, start, betake oneself to (with b-).

aqim   pfv. C-stem perfective form. bmaṭarta ḏabatur aqmibẖ sahdia I have raised witnesses in Abatur's garrison. [MBJ55.046]