S - s

sa   part. end. Note: Apparently an abbreviation of saka "end"

sagia   nm. pelican. Pelecanus onocrotalus. Note: Drower and Macuch identify this bird as a cormorant or pelican on the basis of Arabic saqqāʼ "pelican." The Great White Pelican is native to Iraq. uailak sagia saria ḏhazia nunia umitana Woe to you, stinking pelican, who will see the fish and sigh.

sagid   aptc. Gram: G bowing. kulhun arbia ḏhazilia kabšan uldilia sagdan All the vessels that see me bow down and worship me. kabšan usagdlia uatin ldilia midinan They bow down, and worship me, and they come to me submissively.

sahid   aptc. Gram: G witnessing. ṣaida ana ḏnišmata ḏbhiia sahdan I am a fisher of the souls who bear witness to the Life.

sahr   nm. demon. Anth: according to Noeldeke, possibly metathysis of sar7a "corruptor, destroyer?"

sahrana   nm. crescent.skiff? ana qadmit beuhra bsahrana ḏlahua mn parzla I start on my way early in a crescent skiff that is not made of iron.

saiir   aptc. Gram: G travel. usaiarna agma bhabara I traverse the marsh in darkness. laiadin euhra ḏsairia ulaiadia lmihduria leuhraihun They don't know the way that they're going, and they don't know how to return back to their way.

saip   aptc. Gram: C perishing. mauqirinun mn aklia ḏnunia uanatun saipitun bškinatkun I will pull them away from the fish eaters, and you will perish in your dwellings.

sakra   aptc. Gram: G blocking. euhra ḏhiia sakria They are stopping up the way of life.

sakl   nm. fool.

saliq   aptc. Gram: G ascending.Sg: salqa. šrinan mn rgalan ḏnunak larban lasalqia Release us from our fetters so that your fish do not leap into our vessels! ṣaidia qpun bhauria umsabṭia kḏ aburia ulasalqia The fishers floated on the marshes, gathering together like reed mats (or perhaps mice), and not getting up.

sama   nm. drug. atun mn qudamai ṣaidia ṣhania ṣaidia abdia samania Come before me, shameful fishermen, poison-making fishermen.

samik   aptc. Gram: G supporting. lgiṭatlẖ usamkatlẖ biaṣilak You take it and support it with your elbow.

samik   pfv. Gram: D supported. lgiṭatlẖ usamkatlẖ biaṣilak It held and supported it with your elbow.

samka   nm. support. ṣaidia ḏšimuia lqala libaiun npal mn samkẖ As for the fishers who heard the sound, their legs turned to jelly (lit. their hearts fell from its support).

sapna   nm. kingfisher. Ceryle rudis. Note: Drower and Macuch suggest a bird of prey, perhaps "kingfisher," without explanation. The root is apparently shared with JBA sappānā "sailor" and perhaps Mandaic spinta "boat." If we assume it is a kingfisher, there are two types in Iraq: the Pied Kingfisher, which is a water kingfisher and does not migrate, and the White-Throated Kingfisher, which is a tree kingfisher and can range far from water. Therefore, the former is a better candidate. uailak sapna kapna ḏkanpak btibil la iabša Woe to you, starving kingfisher, whose wing will never dry on land!

sapra   nm. scribe.Pl: sapria.

saq   ipfv. Gram: G rise. iuma ḏnhura nisaq nitkamar hšuka lduktẖ The day of light shall rise, and darkness shall return to its place. ana utarmidai nisaq nihiziẖ latar nhur I and my disciples shall ascend, and we will see the place of light. zhun ezil sluq lmataikun hurba ḏeurašlam Flee, get out, go up to your town, the ruin of Jerusalem!

saria   aptc. Gram: G stinking. sariia hun ulaiit ḏminai zabnin They have gone rotten, and nobody is buying from me! uailak sagia saria ḏhazia nunia umitana Woe to you, stinking pelican, who will see the fish and sigh.

sarik   pfv. fastened. hbnina esra eniana agṭar sarkala mušpita The one who captured the barbel tied the knot and fixed it to the spit.

sarip   aptc. Gram: G swallowing. amarnalun ia ṣaidia ḏzuhma sarpia To them I say, "You shit-eating fishermen!"

satir   aptc. Gram: G covering. ulaitit mihla ṣatria and you did not bring curing (?) salt.

s-g-y   vi. to go.

asgia   pfv. C-stem perfective form. mištaiin hiia uzakin uzakia gabra ḏasgia lka Life speaks and is victorious, and victorious is the man who went there. [MBJ36.091] kḏ hazin šimuia ubašqruia lṣaida ḏasgia lka amrilẖ When they heard and recognized the fisher who went there, they say to him: [MBJ39.034]

nasgia   ipfv. C-stem imperfective form. nṭur špul ezil lkaiatkun uasgun ldinba ḏedia Keep back, get down, leave your group, and go to the end of the line. [MBJ38.052]

siau   adj. black. hazin abuiaikun bura bmia siauia estakar This is your savage father, trapped in the black waters!

sidma   nm. heron. Note: A large bird that eats fish; a likely candidate is the Purple Heron (Ardea purpurea) 80-90 cm tall with a 120-150 cm wingspan, but other possible candidates include the Pygmy Comorant (Phalacrocorax pygmeus), 45–55 cm long with a 75–90 cm wingspan, the Squacco Heron (Ardeola ralloides) 44–47 cm long with a 80–92 cm wingspan, and the Slender-billed Gull (Chroicocephalus genei) 37-40 cm long with a 90-102 cm wingspan. Most of the other birds commonly found in the marshes are too small to be dignified by the epithet rba and do not feed on fish. Ardea purpurea purpurea. eligṭẖ lsidma rba I will take the mighty heron. uailẖ labukun sirma ḏmarbihtẖ bqalmia hauia Woe to your father the heron, whose lair is in the reeds.

sigia   nm. Gram: G gait. sigia niha umqaima a calm and steady gait.

sika   nm. vinegar. Note: Persian sek "vinegar" hatam mia mzigia ḏṣindia kbaš mnadra usikia ḏmuta At that point, the waters are commingled so that the hemlock and deadly vinegar overwhelm those who imbibe.

simaka   nm. support. eu tizdahrulia ahai equm ehuilkun bahid eda ahid eda usimaka mn atar hšuk If you take care for my sake, my brethren, I will undertake to be a helper for you, a helper and support from the place of darkness to the place of light. anat simaka You are the pillar.

sin   pn. Moon.

slit   nm. cast.net. palgẖ lsilita upraslun He "distributed" (tossed out) his net, and it extended over them. laramin silita They will not cast nets. kma naia silitak hazin How beautiful is this throw net of yours! eu ṣaidia ramin elun silita pardilẖ lsilita unapqia If the fishers throw a net upon them, they will break through the net and escape. laiṭilun šilmai unidbai uazal uškun el abatrai el parsa uslitun Šilmai and Nidbai curse them, so go back and stay a league behind me and their nets.

s-l-q   vi. to rise, go up, or ascend.

nasiq   ipfv. Gram: D D-stem imperfective form.

spinta   nf. ship. uspintai lagazia ulamistakarna and neither does my ship cut through them nor do I get caught. uspinatun tibrit lmia I spoiled their ships for the water. asartinun bspinatun ušdilun ašlai I have trapped them in their ships and tossed my towline to the good ones. uespintak eurbẖ bspintan and combine your boat with ours. biṭušta bṭaš ṣaida el spinata ḏṣaidia The fisherman stamped upon the ships of the fishers. ana alrahmai dabarnun utariṣnun bspintai umahlipnun kulhun maksia I will guide my friends, set them up in my ship, and pass them over every tax collector. spintak ladamia lspintan ṣahma blilia kḏ šamiš Your ship is not like our ships; it is a bright light like the sun in the night.

sqiria   nm. sail-yard. Note: Possibly from Greek ίστοκεράια, a spar on a mast from which the sail is set. To allow the direction of the vessel to be changed relative to the wind the yard can rotate around the mast. sqiria mala lṣaida usukana ḏnahnar bhauria The fisher steered the sail-yard and the rudder, which brings light to the marshes. etbẖ sukana uqaiim bgauẖ usqiria It has a rudder and standing within it is a sailyard.

squbra   nm. whistle? aitia ahbalia squbra ḏeqria bagma qala Come, bring me a whistle so that I may make a sound in the marsh. enisbẖ minẖ unpabẖ bgauẖ ḏesqubrai I will take it from him and blow into my whistle. squbra hu taqna ḏmia bqira larbia The whistle is so durable that water does not compromise its seal (lit. mingle with its pitch). laqalẖ damia lṣaida ulasqubrẖ lsqubran Neither does his voice resemble a fisher's, nor does his whistle resemble our whistle.

squpan   nm. threshold? Gram: Likely from SQP "to transfer; raise." ana qramtẖ lsqupana ḏel dilan hambaga hua I covered (?) the lintel (?) of the one who was an enemy to us.

sraqa   nm. emptiness.

bisraq eda   adv. empty-handed. kḏ atit bisraq edak lalauilak ḏšapir ṭabta When you come empty-handed, no one of good quality will join you.

sruta   nf. stink. riha ḏsrutun atia elai the stench of their putridity comes to me. esruta litlẖ ḏzipa umania hiuaria lbiš He has no stench of deceit, and he is clothed in white garments.

sukan   nm. rudder. Note: Possiblly a fixed quarter oar, although true stern rudders (controlled by a system of lashings) are attested in the Middle East as early as the 10th century. ašlẖ ašlia ḏziua usukana ḏkušṭa etbẖ Its cables are cables of radiance, and its rudder is one in which there is truth. habšaba lagiṭ arada ubrhiia sukana lgaṭ Sunday takes the punt pole, and the Son of Life took the rudder. sqiria mala lṣaida usukana ḏnahnar bhauria The fisher steered the sail-yard and the rudder, which brings light to the marshes. etbẖ sukana uqaiim bgauẖ usqiria It has a rudder and standing within it is a sailyard.